Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crazy Celebrity Shoes

Outrageous Celebrity Shoes
We take our fashion cues from hip-hop impresarios, Oscar winners and superstar athletes. But some celebrities' looks will never make it to our hoods. Guess which style icons are putting their craziest foot forward.
Martin Margiela boots
This film and TV actress has played a fashion icon since 1998. She and her Broadway-star husband have three kids.
Christian Dior sandals
This diva is known for her music, her dancing and her own fashion line. She is married to a hip-hop superstar. Her fashion-risk-taking sister is also on this list.
Alexander McQueen high heels
This outrageously outfitted pop star got her start as a brunette singer-songwriter. She starred in a controversial music video with another singer on this list. Her shocking entrance at the Grammy Awards had everyone talking.
Balenciaga boots
This Barbadian-born R&B singer scored her first big hit when she was still a teen. Her personal life became tabloid fodder following an assault by her then-boyfriend. Rumors of a new love interest are swirling after her recent breakup.
Louis Vuitton heels
She went by a spicy nickname before becoming a fashion icon. She's pregnant with her fourth child by her handsome soccer-playing husband. She had a short-lived reality TV show when she first moved to California.
Chanel boots
She's a pop princess whose sense of style seems to be "the wackier the better." She walked down the aisle with a British actor-comedian last year. Her "Sesame Street" segment with a beloved furry character was cut before it aired.
Daryl Van Wouw Converse
This pint-size singer is the daughter of a Hollywood power couple. She started a phenomenon with her first big hit last year. Rumors are swirling that she may be tackling an iconic role.
Christian Louboutin shoes
This former Fly Girl danced her way to music and film superstardom. Her current gig is judging wannabe pop idols. She and her salsa-singing husband starred in a musical biopic together.
Chanel shoes
This singer-actress has been a fashion icon since she burst onto the music scene in the 1980s. She started a fashion line with her teen daughter last year. She won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of an Argentinean icon.
Christian Dior heels
This French actress won an Oscar for playing a French musical icon. She is pregnant with her first child with a French actor-director. She co-starred in a blockbuster sci-fi movie last year.
Moschino shoes
This singer-actress has had to live in the shadow of her superstar big sister. She starred in the third installment of a cheerleading-movie franchise. She used to model for her family's clothing line.
Pleaser USA shoes
This teen actress co-stars on a hit prime-time drama. Her fledgling music career has led to some interesting fashion choices. She was replaced as the face of Madonna's new clothing line.
Rick Owens boots
This stylish rocker has the honor of being the only guy on this list. He and his actress ex-wife have a daughter who's working on an acting career of her own. He's been linked to an Oscar winner and a supermodel.
Prada heels
This actress is married to a two-time Oscar winner. She produced this surprise big-screen comedy hit in 2002. She played this popular character on Broadway in 2006.


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