Tuesday, March 1, 2011

World's ugliest animals

Baby panda cams? Been there, done that. Winsome Welsh corgis? Over them, too. Let's give the cute-and-cuddly routine a rest and explore the animal kingdom's darker side. Wince your way through this menacing menagerie of animals that would be more at home in a Bosch painting than any zoo or aquarium. 


With its wide mouth and fanglike teeth, this bottom-feeder could easily inspire bouts of aquaphobia.Here are a few of their haunts at home and abroad, just in case you want to steer clear.

Naked mole rat

Armies of these hairless, yellow-toothed rodents are now burrowing in the grasslands of this region. The thought makes your flesh crawl, doesn't it? Even odder than their looks is their peculiar superpower.

Star-nosed mole

That stomach-turning snout is made up of touch-feely tentacles that help these moles overcome a common shortcoming. You can find those icky pink noses rooting around in marshes up down the Atlantic coastal states.


The name may sound unimaginative, but how else would you describe a fish with this kind of physique? Fortunately for us, this sad sack is rarely seen by humans.

Marabou stork

Thanks to its lumpy, bumpy mug, you'd want to keep this stork as far from newborn bundles of joy as possible. "You are what you eat" could explain its looks. Which area does this homely bird call home?


These deep-sea fish have built-in bait that helps them lure unsuspecting dinner into a pair of jagged jaws. So, a word of advice to fish swimming at the bottom of the Atlantic: Stay away from the light!


Not only do these primates have nightmarish looks, they also go bump in the night. When the aye-aye comes knocking, it's the end of the road for their insect prey.

Chinese crested dog

At its best, this hairless breed -- which comes in two varieties -- can be found among the cream of the canine crop . But the pooches' looks can go south as they age, especially if their high-maintenance skin is damaged.

King vulture

Despite its vibrant rainbow of colors, the vulture's wrinkled visage is anything but lovely. But apparently beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Those beady eyes survey this vast territory.

Fangtooth fish

This sea monster may be miniature but it holds this oversized distinction. Unless you're a tropical deep-sea dweller, there's no need to fear.

Sumatran rhino

In the case of this redheaded rhino, ugly things come in small packages. They spend most of their time indulging in their favorite putrid pastime. 


Think of the bumps on this wild pig's face as a kind of hideous helmet. They trot their sharp tusks all around sub-Saharan Africa. Built-in skewers aside, their diet may surprise you.

Sphynx cat

This mostly hairless, big-eared cat has devoted fans, despite its sinister looks. (Watch their video odes.) They have wrinkled roots that span the globe, but the modern-day version is reported to have started in the States.


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