Tuesday, March 1, 2011

HDR Images - Fantastic Shots

HDRI (English High Dynam ic Range Image) - the image with wide dynamic range.Images obtained using this technique, sometimes surreal, but very beautiful.

Chevrolet Bel-Air, 1957 - one of the most venerated icons of the American automobile industry.This edition is now included in the pantheon of the best cars of all time and is usually called simply '57 Chevy : (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

In the evening : (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

Station : (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

Cathedral of Leon, also called House of Light, located in the city of León in northwestern Spain : (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

Ice Castle, Utah (Photo by Alan Fullmer)

Welder : (Photo by Mark Gvazdinskas)

  Under the influence of time: (Photo by bob merco)

Moonlight over Mount Everest in the park of Disneyland : (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

Iceland : (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

Blue Glacier : (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

Pipeline : (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

Dresden : (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

Infinite lock : (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

Chicago : (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

  Ready to attack : (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

The streets of Germany : (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

  At midnight, the Japanese cemetery: (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

The road into the distance: (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

Ranjit : (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

Iceland at suns: (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

The underwater passage: (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

  Hydrothermal vents Yellowstone National Park.This is the oldest and largest of the U.S. National Park:

Paris.Truimfalnaya arch : (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

Andes: (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

Frozen Pond: (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

Loneliness: (Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

 Sunset on Maui - the second largest island of the Hawaiian archipelago (Photo by Jeff Osban)

Old Mill (Photo by Daniel Mennerich):

Times Square, New York: (Photo by Jay Miller)

Red truck: (Photo by Jim)

Frosty Morning:

Shelby Cobra 427.At one time this car was entered in the Guinness Book of Records by dialing 100 miles per hour in 9.8 seconds: (Photo My Dynamic Range)

In the retro style : (Photo My Dynamic Range)

Banff National Park - Canada's oldest national park, established in 1885 in the Canadian Rockies: (Photo by Jesse Pafundi)

Zion National Park in Utah. Lonely tree on the mountain. : (Photo by Jason Butler)

Defoliation in Williamstown, Massachusetts.: (Photo by Bobby Bradley)


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